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The IRC channel for those with autism or a similar condition

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In Brief

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If you cannot or do not want to socialize in real life you may find some pleasure in doing it online. Meet people who are similar to you!

#asperger is your channel if you are somewhere on the autistic spectrum. The autism spectrum includes autism, Asperger syndrome, and PDD-NOS. One thing we have in common is an impairment in nonverbal communication with neurologically typical ("normal") people that causes social difficulties. People with conditions such as hyperlexia, Tourette syndrome, schizoid personality disorder, social phobia, etc., may join the channel if there is also impairment in nonverbal communication. Loners with an autism-like condition are welcome.

It is not necessary to have an official diagnosis to join the channel. What counts is that you suspect seriously that you would fit in to the autism spectrum. If so, please feel free to join #asperger to see if you might 'fit in' with us.

When you first join the channel, an operator will ask some basic information from you, including how you found out about the channel and whether you are on the autistic spectrum. If you don't have an official diagnosis, we may ask you why you think you are on the spectrum. Don't worry too much about this, though. We do not attempt to make diagnoses on whether or not channel visitors have an autism spectrum disorder. However, we must determine whether it is a likely possibility, in order to protect the channel against obvious imposters and troublemakers.

The channel is only for those who are on the autistic spectrum!

#asperger is not for parents of autistic children and "experts" who wish to exchange experiences and ideas about treatments. If you want to discuss treatments etc. you are requested to do it on #autism.

Communication is complicated for people with autism. It may be easier on IRC than in real life, but still difficult. It is OK not to say much and just be there, but if you are new on the channel you should give some information about yourself. Visitors without an autism connection who are just looking for fun and entertainment will be asked to leave us alone and join one of the many chat channels.

#asperger is autistic territory! Channel conversation is private and to be held in the strictest confidence. We do our best to keep troublemakers out and provide a safe place for people on the autistic spectrum.

You can find us on Starlink-IRC, a friendly and (mostly) well functioning IRC net. If you don't meet anybody on the channel try again around midnight Greenwich Mean Time.

Note: There are two IRC networks with the name 'Starlink' in them: Starlink and Starlink-IRC. We are located on the Starlink-IRC servers (name ending in starlink-irc.org). Be sure to use the correct server name.

Since the channel mode is set to "private" you will not find us on the channel list. Just join Starlink-IRC and type /join #asperger.

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Visitor Guidelines

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#asperger participants:

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The #asperger channel managers:

Reach the channel managers collectively at: irc-as-managers (at) lists.inlv.org
(sorry, no e-mail link to deter spambots).

#asperger channel operators:

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Autism, a way of being!

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