Martijn's face, stylised Martijn “McDutchie” Dekker

Keywords: parent; multilingual; disabled; autistic public speaker & reluctant activist; programming; Interlingua (IALA); guitar; despairing social-liberal; ripped apart between NL & UK. #IAmEuropean

Social media (infrequent use): Mastodon (preferred), Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

The old InLv site is available for historical purposes (warning: terrible 1990s sci-fi design; does this have retro charm yet?).


Autism-related publications


Presentation slides

Click on the links to get the slides for some of the lectures I've done.

Unix shell scripting geekery

I created and maintain the Modernish shell library which offers interesting features and greatly improves some of the main weaknesses in conventional shell scripting languages.

Since May 2020, I maintain ksh 93u+m, the only currently maintained version of the Korn shell, originally by David Korn of AT&T Research. It is a direct descendant of the original Bourne shell, so it is historically a very interesting project, and an engaging challenge to fix and modernise. On 2022-08-01, I released ksh 93u+m/1.0.0, the first stable ksh release in precisely a decade. :)


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