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The Advocacy forum: what it is about

Marla Comm: Barely making it in the community

Marla is a woman diagnosed with high functioning autism, Tourette's syndrome, and personality disorder features. She lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where she works as a medical library assistant. She can be reached at: <>.

Update: Marla's life took a turn for the worse in late January 2000 as she tragically lost her mother to severe burns suffered in a house fire. Her father is OK, but is too grief-stricken to help her. Apart from the loss of a parent, this took away the last form of support system Marla had. The community is still refusing her any and all help.

Update: Sadly, Marla passed away in 2008. Michelle Dawson wrote a touching obituary.

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Phil Schwarz: Cure, Recovery, Prevention of Autism?

Phil Schwarz has a mild variant of Asperger's syndrome. He is also the father of an autistic child. He wrote this essay originally on 12 December 1995 on the SJU AUTISM mailing list.

Copyright © 1995 by Phil Schwarz, Used by permission. Unauthorised distribution or reproduction forbidden.

Phil has a homepage with pictures at:

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